What happens to your relationship cord when someone cheats on you?

When someone cheats on you in a relationship the energy that is exchanged between you in your relationship cord become imbalanced and this creates energetic disturbances between you that may lead to negative energy emerging within your spiritual connection. Often people who cheat in relationships will lie to you and this will create blockages within them spiritually, as in order for spiritual energy to flow harmoniously within a person they must first be open and honest. When you are connected to someone who has spiritual blockages within they will find it hard to read your feelings or care about any feelings that they are able to sense. Sometimes this person can still love you very much, however, until their spiritual blockages are removed they lose the ability to experience true love. In turn this will create an unhealthy relationship cord connection that you will need to work on both mentally and emotionally in order to resolve.


Relationships can be very mentally and emotionally demanding especially when they just don't seem to make the sense that they should, which can lead to frustration and confusion. However, I have learnt there is so much beneath the surface that needs to be understood on a spiritual level. And if you can gain a greater understanding of the spiritual intricacies of a relationship then you may have the ability to assist the one you care for as well as yourself.

First of all I would like to give thanks to Bartholomew Forester, for writing The Cords of Love: A Spiritual Guide to Loving Relationships. And with his permission I have broken it down into questions and answers, so that this book can be digested with ease.

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The book to the right is where the answer to the question above came from. This book can help you to learn a lot about relationsips in a spiritual sense and is worth re-reading several times.

I wish you good luck on your quest for greater spirituality!

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